Why Should Healthcare Providers Consider Using Electronic Medical Records Apps?

In today’s generation, almost everything and everyone have gone online. Even healthcare professionals are now jumping into the arena of technological advancement. One proof to this is the growing number of mobile electronic medical records (EMR) apps available in the apps stores and the increasing number of people who are using it. But why should people, specially the healthcare providers, need to consider using such kind of mobile and desktop applications? Here are some reasons why…


Easy access to patient’s record

Regardless of your location or your patient’s location, you can easily have access to their medical record using your desktop, smartphone, tablet, or other similar electronic gadgets.

One of the biggest challenges that doctors face is the difficulty of tracking the medical historical background of their patients most especially of those patients that are being placed under the supervision of multiple doctors. With the help of EMR, you can be able to get access to the essential medical information of your patients including their past laboratory exams and result, previous and current medications, blood type, allergies, previous findings, physician recommendations and other relevant information anywhere you are.

Up-to-date information

EMR offers the most up-to-date information on the full medical history of the patients. It can also be accessed simultaneously by multiple users from any location. It enables patients and multiple healthcare providers to efficiently collaborate in order to come up with the best diagnosis.


Easy and fast data transfer

Transferring important medical files from one department to another or from one doctor to another is made easy and fast with electronic healthcare records system. It also helps minimize medical errors which can yield to a more accurate diagnosis and a more effective results management. It eliminates the risk of committing errors and of misplacing or losing important patient files. Faster transfer of data is very helpful especially in times of health-related emergencies.

Less paper work

Among the many advantages of an EMR system is it requires less paper work. As a healthcare provider, one of the major administrative duties that you need to keep an eye on is the paper work which includes organizing clinical files, processing forms, and filing daily folders. It does not only require you to spend a significant amount of time, it is likewise costly and it consumes much of your storage space. An EMR system eliminates all these factors. With the help of an EMR system you will have lesser paper work, you will spend less on record filicng costs, and you will not have to worry about getting a bigger storage space.

Better practice management

With the help of an EMR system, you can be able to handle your entire medical practice better and more effectively. You also be able to keep track of your patient’s progress, come up with the most accurate diagnosis, and offer a higher quality service. It also help increase your efficiency and productivity.

British traveler died in Thailand, Foreign Office confirm

A British tourist has died on in Pattaya, a coastal city, in Thailand, the Foreign Office has affirmed.

pattaya, thailand

The man is believed to be 31-year-old Christopher Andrew Laidler.

Local media reported that he fell naked from a guesthouse balcony in Walking Street in south Pattaya.

It is understood that emergency treatment was completed at the scene and the man was taken to hospital, yet later pronounced dead.

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Police said there were no indications of a struggle, and the man’s possessions stayed untouched, according to reports.

A Foreign Office representative stated: “We are providing assistance to the family of a British national who has sadly died in Thailand.”

Pattaya is a popular resort destination on the east coast of the Bay of Thailand, known for its clubs and bars.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39607053

Panay Island opens its first solar power plant

Iloilo City, Philippines— Panay Island has finally opened its first ever solar power plant. The said pioneering Panay Island solar power plant of the Cosmo Solar Energy Inc. (CSEI) can be found Narat-an village in the town of Miag-ao, located in the southern part of Iloilo province.


The inauguration of the said solar plant was held last September 8, 2016. This P745-million solar power plant is housed in a 15-hectare land area.

As said by the chief executive officer of Cosmo Solar Energy Inc., Mr. Rodolfo Golez Jr., the plant has the capacity to generate up to 5.67 megawatts (MW). It is seen as a good source of alternative power and as a great help for the augmentation of the existing energy sources.


The project was welcomed by Governor Arthur Defensor Sr. of the province Iloilo.

According to Mayor Macario Napulan of Miag-ao the renewable energy plant is still open for expansion since the contract of CSEI with Department of Energy (DOE) is 25 years.

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Retirement Planning 101

One of the most significant life experiences most people want to enjoy is retirement.  To be able to have a comfortable and a hassle-free retirement, a carefully laid out retirement plan is a must. Personal retirement planning is a process that takes time so it is best to start early but remember that it is never too late to save up for your retirement.

In retirement planning, time is great factor to allow your retirement funds to mature and grow increasing the value of your future retirement assets. The key to retirement planning is starting early. You will have a more stable personal and financial security when you start saving young.

Personal retirement planning begins by setting a realistic goal. It is recommended to put aside a minimum of ten percent of your income yearly for your retirement. Experts estimate that retirees require seventy to ninety percent of their previous income to sustain their current quality of living especially if they desire to indulge in luxury.

Review your income sources whether from your social security benefit, your pension, or your retirement account and compare them to your foreseen expenses. You will then have a good approximation of how much money you will need to fund your retirement. Take into consideration your life expectancy and the length of time you predict that amount will last.

Setting a goal requires you to calculate how much money you will need to save to comfortably fund your retirement. If you are totally clueless as to how to estimate your retirement goal fund, you need not worry as there are a number of available reliable retirement calculators you can use online. It helps to assess how much you need to save based on your current income, your assets, and you liabilities.

After creating a definite a retirement fund goal, the next vital step is to solidify a plan in order to achieve that goal. Planning a retirement compels everyone to research on the options of how to effectively and efficiently save up for your retirement. There are several options to choose from may it be traditional pension plans or individual retirement accounts.

Individual retirement accounts can be classified as to who established them whether it was by the employee or the employer. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your preference. It is up to the individual which individual retirement account is most fitting.

  Where to invest your savings is one challenge to overcome in planning a retirement. Investing your savings is not too difficult if you do your research on where to receive the greatest returns. Maximize your investment savings by minimizing the risk as you spread your investments across various companies and assets.

Once you have chosen your retirement planning strategy, keep in mind to monitor your investments yearly reallocate them as necessary. Choose your investments wisely. Don’t put all of your savings in one investment instead appropriately distribute them to various nest eggs.

Retirement planning is essential is coping with the unexpected expenses that come your way when you no longer have the privilege and capacity to work as you did in your prime. It provides flexibility to unforeseen financial needs such as medical bills. A secure financial retirement fund saves you from having to suffer financial setbacks in the future.