Advance Your Career With an Online Master Degree or Bachelor Degree

Find out why an online master degree or bachelor degree is a practical option for professionals seeking to advance their careers.

Individuals who are hoping to enhance their current career, advance to a better position, earn more, or even switch to a more promising industry, should think of ways to make positive changes in their work life.  One way is to develop new skills by signing up for short-term courses or skills development training.  Another way is to obtain stronger credentials by earning sufficient and relevant work experience or by pursuing higher education through an online master degree.

There are very few individuals, if any, who wish to remain in the status quo, or stagnate together with the weakening value of local currency.  Everybody who wants to be anybody in his company, business or industry is looking at prospects of a promotion, bigger income, or an executive position.  Unfortunately, realizing these prospects does not happen overnight, even for the luckiest of employees.

Your best bet is to take on years of solid work experience.  Sufficient experience coupled with impressive performance at work is sure to pull in recognition from your superiors, which often leads to some positive movement in your career.  However, solid work experience and the skills that come with it need to be built over time.

More often than not, time is an immense resource that not a lot of people might have.  Waiting a decade just to get a promotion is about the same as not getting any promotion at all.  More practical professionals should consider measures that are within their control, such as upgrading their knowledge and academic credentials.

For non-degree holders or associate degree holders, getting a bachelor’s degree will be a huge step up towards a better career.  For bachelor’s degree graduates, pursuing a masters or doctorate degree is highly beneficial.  While earning a degree can be achieved faster than garnering years of work experience, it still requires investing time and other resources in order to complete.

Traditional degree programs will require at least two years of studying in a university or college of choice.  For those who are already working, pursuing a regular degree program means taking time off work to attend classes and accomplish school requirements.  Some companies allow their staff to take a study leave with pay, but those whose companies lack such benefits could either quit work to study, or forego studying to keep their jobs.

Luckily, working professionals now have the option of earning a bachelor or master degree online.  An online degree allows currently employed individuals to conveniently pursue their studies outside work hours.  Online degree programs provide students with the flexibility of completing their course work any time and anywhere there is a computer and internet connection.

By attending an online degree program professionals need not put their career on hold just to be able to further their education.  They need not sacrifice what could have been additional years of work experience for the sake of obtaining quality education.  Online education allows students to continue to receive their monthly salary and add years of experience while studying.

Because online students are working at the same time they are studying, they can immediately apply what they learn from their degree program to enhance their work.  This way, the workplace becomes a laboratory where they can try out newly acquired knowledge and concepts.  Even while studying online, professionals already gain an opportunity to demonstrate new skills and abilities at work, which can help improve their performance, draw attention from their colleagues and superiors, and hopefully receive rightful recognition even before they complete their degree.

An online master degree or bachelor degree is a practical option for professionals who, due to financial or work-related reasons, could not afford to quit their jobs to attend a regular degree program.  It is also suitable for individuals whose academic options are limited by family commitments or obligations.  It is a flexible, convenient and pragmatic solution to an individual’s quest for career enhancement, personal development and economic wealth.

Career Opportunities from MBA Online degrees

Know the career opportunities to consider with MBA online degrees to encourage your decision to pursue an online MBA program.

A masters degree in business administration from an online university is one step towards your career advancement. Upon completion of a postgraduate degree in BA through an online program, many doors will open up to you, even more than you could have ever imagined. Here are some of the career opportunities of MBA online degrees that await you:

As an MBA degree holder, there are many career options for you in just about any field in any industry. For instance, you can have a great career with finance or accounting. The knowledge and skills you have gained from an online MBA program can help you become a more in-demand accountant or bank officer in a finance-related company.

You can also expect to have a brighter career outlook in the field of computer systems and business administration technology. In the advent of the Internet and the continually advancing technology, many companies are in need of MBA degree holders who have special training in computer systems management. This is then a good MBA specialization to consider, with the vast career opportunities in this field.

With an MBA specialization in entrepreneurship, you have a great career opportunity to build your own business. Entrepreneurial skills are not just inherited: they can be honed through extensive studies and dedication. An MBA specialization in entrepreneurship is a vastly versatile field; thus, you can keep your options open for other job opportunities.

An online MBA degree can also help you gain qualifications to become a financial consultant. Many companies need a competent and highly-knowledgeable consultant to shed light on managerial decisions. This can be a good career option for you as consultants have attractive salaries as well.

One of the most coveted fields in the industry is the field of health care, as it has a great career outlook that can assure a fat paycheck. You can opt for an MBA specialization in healthcare management, as many opportunities lie in store in the health division. Since the competition is high, an MBA degree can give you a significant edge among other applicants.

The manufacturing industry is also in need of skilled MBA degree holders. With the rising number of factories, managerial posts are becoming hot commodities in the career market. An MBA is one of the qualifications that employers are looking for in applicants to be accepted for this career.

Many companies are also in need of project managers who can see to the completion of a successful project. A project manager who has an MBA degree is deemed to be better qualified for the job post. Moreover, many companies are opting for ad-hoc basis activities, thereby creating a good career outlook for project managers.

A career opportunity in the field of marketing is also available for MBA degree holders. An MBA specialization in marketing can hone your business planning skills, and better equip you with advanced marketing management strategies. This is then a great career option for you since marketing personnel are in-demand in almost any business industry.

What makes MBA online degrees great are the possibilities that arise from them. An online MBA degree is largely flexible, giving you many career opportunities in various fields on your plate. Additionally, students with online degree are seen as admirable to potential employers, and that will only better your career opportunities.

Studying Master Degree Online? Changes in Your Financial Aid Landscape

Learn more about the financial aid landscape for graduate school and the fund opportunities for master degree online students.

Graduate school is costly – sometimes as costly as undergraduate degree programs.  You will find many things have changed from your undergraduate program and this includes your financial aid landscape.  Here is an overview of the financial aid options you can get for your master degree online – and the changes to expect.

During your undergraduate study, it is not easy to obtain an ‘independent’ status on your financial aid.  If you succeed, your parents’ earning won’t be counted toward your qualification for federal aid – which can be beneficial to students.  However, when you are a graduate student, you are often deemed an independent for financial aid and this could mean more access to federal aid.

With that said, some federal aid is only offered to undergraduate students. The ideal form of financial aid, the Pell Grant, is the most popular example of this.  Another one is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, though this is only given to undergraduates.

You can still try unsubsidized or subsidized Stafford Loans.  Rather than Parent PLUS loans that are often available to parents of undergrad students, you may obtain a graduate PLUS loan, which has similar terms.  Students with a PLUS loan get automatic deferment while earning their degree.

The Federal Perkins loans allows master degree online students to borrow at a lower interest rate, often 5%, but only on a need basis.  The limit for this loan is up to $4,000 for undergraduates and $6,000 for graduate students.  Other than federal loans, many students get private loans to fill the gaps between school-based aid and federal aid and the entire tuition cost.

Private loans are usually harder to get now than in the past years, for both graduate and undergraduate students.  Master’s degree students may borrow without their parents’ credit history.  This may hurt or help you, depending on your financial situation.

On the other hand, federal work-study aid is offered on a need basis, and graduate students can apply.  Your school has significant scope in knowing how much work-study aid every student can earn.  You will likely compete with the undergrads at your school, but assessment allowances and rates are granted to dependent and independent students – hence, you may or may not have a good chance.

Some graduate students working full time attend an online master degree program.  In this case, they could get tuition assistance from their employer.  It is also likely to get this form of tuition assistance during undergraduate study but master’s degree students are older and more likely to have work that can provide tuition assistance than incoming undergrads.

Many schools give research fellowships and teaching assistantships to graduate students, and this can be a big benefit to the student.  A full tuition award including a stipend for room is not uncommon, though the competition for this can be tough at some departments  and schools.  This form of award is usually merit-based and not needs-based.

The financial aid landscape is somewhat different for graduate students; nevertheless, those differences may work in your favor.  Those who got assistantships or merit-based fellowships could see a good portion of their tuition fee paid for.  But not every master degree online student is that lucky, though one can get a mix of private loans and federal aid, and the fact that your standing is now independent could work in your favor.